Zero's Heroes

On hiatus.

Created and Written by Aaron Walther with art provided by:
Sergio Apodaca (pencils chapters 01 - 07)
Jesus Salas (inks chapters 01-07)
Johnathan Hudson, Jr. (pencils and inks chapter 07 pages 21-27)
Sara Rude (colors)
Joie Simmons (pencils chapter 08)
Nick Hadley (inks chapter 08)
Chris McJunkin (pencils and inks chapter 09 - current)

Zero’s Heroes is a comedy about a team of underdogs trying to find their place in a city already overflowing with superheroes.  A young, ambitious superhero named Zero tried to put together a crack team of capable do gooders; instead he ended up with a team of inexperienced kids and pathetic ex heroes.  The city of New Haven, in which they reside, is home to the world’s most famous superheroes.  As a result, Zero’s Heroes is stuck fighting all the lame villains that none of the other heroes want to deal with.  Despite that, Zero is determined to mold his team into a group of upstanding heroes.  For what purpose, we cannot say! 

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